Kitchen Cabinets – Aesthetics & Functionality

Kitchen CabinetsThe kitchen is probably the most used space in any home.

Cooking, entertaining and serving meals all take place there.

Dining rooms are either reserved for special occasions or are completely eliminated to allow for a larger kitchen.

It is therefore no wonder that when homeowners want to spruce up their homes the room they are likely to start with is the kitchen.

Remodeling a kitchen is big business, water pipes, gas lines and structural frames all need to be taken into account as well as what style would like to be achieved. An overall budget needs to be figured before any cabinetry, appliances, flooring and lighting are chosen.

Due to the large size and volume of kitchen cabinets, they will typically play the most important role in the kitchen. Besides for its functionality, it sets the tone of the new kitchen and plays a major role in transforming the space.

Be it traditional, transitional, rustic or minimalistic it all starts with the cabinets.

With that being said it is important to do much research before choosing your cabinetry. The two most important characteristics that need to be researched are its functionality and aesthetics.

Although it may be possible to find aesthetically pleasing cabinets that are very inexpensive, it is important to find out the construction of the cabinet first.

Frequently the low cost is due to its poor construction.

Particleboard and MDF (medium density fiberboard) are popular engineered woods used that lack durability due to their lack of ability to withstand moisture.

Undoubtedly, solid wood and plywood are durable and long lasting.

In addition to the construction of the cabinet itself there are many extra features to research.

One vital point to consider is the drawer box.

Dovetail construction, under-mount glides vs. side-mount glides and soft-closing drawers are valid points to reflect on.

In addition, it is important to see what storage solutions are available to match the cabinet style of your choice.

Plate racks, glass doors, knick-knack shelves are all ideas to consider.

A wine rack is family in the kitchenalways a good option for the wine connoisseur as is a wine glass holder.

Lazy susan cabinets, angled wall cabinets and drawer base cabinets are all good choices for those that need organized storage. And let’s face it, who doesn’t?!

And when it comes to kitchen cabinet uppers, don’t forget about any wiring that may need to be hidden too. offers a few ideas on hiding wiring behind cabinets.

Once the quality has been established the finish, color and style need to be chosen. For a more contemporary kitchen, slab doors or shaker doors are usually used. Those that favor a rustic atmosphere may opt for warm colored wood on a craftsman-style door. For the traditional folks, raised paneled doors and drawers are available in various colors and styles.

For those that favor a more ornate appearance raised panel doors with a contrasting glazing are available. Various sizes of crown moldings can be used to embellish the cabinets.

There is also its maintenance to think about. Those that are exceptionally clean by nature and dislike dust build-ups may opt to purchase a shaker door which requires minimal cleaning.

They may also decide to have the wall cabinets straight to the ceiling so there is no dust on top to cleaning.

Those that have sticky little fingers around may prefer a dark stained wood to hide dirt easily where as a family without young children may perhaps feel comfortable going with delicate painted cabinets.

As with most things, proper research is required. Making proper inquiries and doing research before purchasing cabinets will save regrets and frustration later down the line.

5 Questions to Consider before Purchasing Cabinets:

What is the overall budget for the kitchen?

What material is the cabinet constructed of?

What style is to be depicted in the kitchen?

Are there storage solutions available to suit my needs?

What kinds of moldings are offered to match the finish and style?

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