The New Trend – RTA Kitchen Cabinets

dream of remodeling our kitchensHow many of us dream of remodeling our kitchens? Most. Because a large amount of time is spent in the kitchen, between eating and entertaining, it is the first room that homeowner would like to remodel.

It is also one of the most costly because it means redoing plumbing work and possibly moving gas lines.

New appliances, cabinets, flooring and countertops all add up; no matter how cheaply it is done or how much it improves your home’s value or resale price. And at the same time raise your property taxes, but I used Harris county appraisal protest to take care of that.

Being that the kitchen cabinets are one of the main features of the kitchen in regards to its functionality and aesthetics, it is important that they be of good quality and beautiful.

Cabinets are not something that anyone wants to replace for a long time. It means living without a kitchen for a few weeks, washing dishes in the bathroom, hiring someone to install the cabinets and the cost of the cabinets themselves.

It is therefore highly recommended to do a lot of research in regards to which style is preferred and on its quality.

With the latest trend of RTA cabinets (ready to assemble) it is now possible to purchase your dream cabinets at virtually half the cost of custom kitchen cabinets.

Many are under the impression that RTA cabinets are not up to the current trend. While there are not as much design and finish options that a custom kitchen manufacturer offers; there is a large variety of styles to choose from.

Shaker door styles for more contemporary kitchens are a popular style for RTA cabinets as well as a raised panel door style for the traditional kitchen.

Complementary glazing is often included as well.

A variety of stain finishes are also offered to match different tastes and styles.

If too many styles and finishes are offered there is a less of a chance that the manufacturer will be stocking them thereby resulting in longer lead times.

Some reasons to consider RTA cabinets:

Easy Assembly – Many cabinets have camlock hardware making the cabinet assembly easy and straightforward. It should typically take under 10 minutes a cabinet.

Pricing – Pricing is normally ½ the price of a custom kitchen making them much more economical. Shipping is typically less due to the fact that it is shipped in flat boxes.

Lead Time – Because they are available in standard sizes they are typically stocked and available for shipping in less than 4 weeks. Custom kitchens usually take at least double, if not triple, the amount of time to receive.

For someone that is running on a tight schedule and does not want to compromise on quality, RTA cabinets are the way to go.

Quality – There are many RTA cabinet manufacturers that produce beautiful cabinets constructed of solid wood and plywood without any trace of particleboard which ruins easily due to exposure to moisture.

High-end feature are also available from select manufacturers. Some include dovetail constructed drawers, undermount drawer glides and plywood sides and drawer boxes.

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