Replacing a Light Fixture

replace kitchen lightsReplacing existing kitchen island lighting is part of many kitchen makeover projects.

A new lamp can often aesthetically fit better with the new kitchen decor than the old lamp and provides a cleaner, updated look.

Installing a new lamp is as easy as any home improvement project.

But as with all electrical projects, safety is paramount, so please exercise caution when hanging new kitchen island lighting.


1. Turn off the circuit breaker that feeds the lamp power at the electrical breaker box. Go to the kitchen and test the circuit power switch on and off. An easy way to be sure you have the correct breaker switch is to have someone stay in the kitchen with the light on, and as you test breakers have them yell to you when the light goes out.

2. Unscrew the cover and lower it slowly from the ceiling. The cover is the plate that covers the wiring in the ceiling.

3. Unscrew the plastic plug connectors that connect the wiring.

4. Try again and be sure that the circuit has indeed been cut by touching the bare lamp wires with the a voltage meter. If you get a reading, go back to the main breaker box and turn off the correct breaker. Then test the wires again.

5. Before disconnecting the wires from the cable conduit, have someone come and help you hold the lamp as you free it from the ceiling. The last thing you want to do is have it come crashing down and make a mess. Besides, you can always use it for a different project or sell it on eBay or a garage sale.

6. Add the new lamp by wiring the wires back up the way you took them off from the old lamp. And that is it! Easy, right?

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