Spruce Up The Kitchen With Easy Little Fixes

spruce up your kitchen todayCooking a meal in a dull, drab kitchen isn’t merely boring; it’s downright unappetizing.

Fortunately, it won’t cost a whole lot of money to turn a dingy kitchen into something that even a French chef might enjoy using.

Start by figuring out what kind of floor plan the kitchen has.

Most kitchens are based on one of five standard set-ups: the one-wall kitchen used in long, narrow rooms; the galley kitchen, a plan that strings amenities along facing walls; the L-shaped kitchen, which often includes a bar; the Double-L, with a walkway between two bars; and the U-shaped kitchen, often used when kitchens back onto a family room or a great room.

With the exception of the one-wall kitchen (frequently used in apartments or very small homes), all these designs functions according to a work flow plan known as the “kitchen triangle.”

This triangle is made up of three points: the refrigerator where food is stored, the sink and countertop where it’s prepared, and the stove where it’s cooked.

A kitchen with any floor plan other than these may need a major renovation to make it more workable as well as more beautiful.

If that’s your situation, the best alternative is to engage a kitchen designer to help create a plan for remodeling.

However, if your kitchen has a workable design, the following upgrades can spruce up its looks for a small investment of time and money that can have a great return on your investment according to

Color it Appetizing: As with any other room, painting a kitchen is one of the cheapest ways to update. Start with a fresh coat of bright white on the ceiling, which probably has several years of grease accumulation that you’ve been overlooking.

This one step can do wonders for a dull kitchen before the first brush full of paint goes on a wall. Next, choose some new wall color or colors that will complement the cabinetry.

Use an oil-based semi-gloss paint for kitchen painting. The finish resists spills and splatters and is easier to wipe clean.

Install new Cabinet Hardware: Here’s another quick and easy upgrade that works wonders for a relative small price. Replace the kitchen’s old knobs and handles with popular brushed nickel or antique brass.

Count the number of hardware fixtures needed at least twice to make sure you’ll pick up enough. It’s probably a good idea also to do some research in advance on the type of hardware you want, since prices vary widely.

Set a budget beforehand and then divided your budget amount by the number of knobs and handles needed. This will tell you how much you can spend per piece.

Lighten Up: Good cooking needs good light. Without it, cooks can misread recipes, labels, stove thermometers and measuring utensils to disastrous results.

The focus these days is less on large overhead fixtures and more on task lighting that shines on certain areas.

So instead of overhead fluorescent lights, consider instead a series of pendant lamps or small chandeliers for general light and install a few under-cabinet lights for closer work.

With a kitchen as fresh and handsome as this, you’ll be a lot less tempted to send out for pizza everyday.

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