Storage in a Small Kitchen

kitchen storage ideas and tips

kitchen storage ideas and tipsIf you live in a small apartment, as I do, you are always looking for good storage ideas. Here are some excellent storage solutions for a small kitchen. I should know. I use every storage trick listed here.

I thought I had used every nook and cranny of storage in my small kitchen, but low and behold I have found more space. It just goes to show what you can come up with when you live in a small apartment.

  1. Screw hooks under your cabinets and hang cups and mugs.
  2. Fasten a magnetic strip on your backsplash and stick all your knives on it.
  3. Put all your large appliances that you don’t use every day on top of your cabinets.
  4. Put up a shelf over your door and store your cook books on it.
  5. If you have space between an appliance and a cabinet, slide in large items like trays or cookie sheets.
  6. If you have an empty wall, attach a wire grid and equip it with hooks and clip on baskets and accessories.
  7. Place a couple of large beautiful baskets on top of your refrigerator and store items in them. I even store my pet’s urn , a sort of “cremation memorial services“.
  8. Mount a towel rack inside a cabinet and slide in your lids.
  9. Buy a large cutting board and lay it across your sink when you are preparing food.
  10. Hang often used utensils on S hooks from a tension rod positioned behind your cook top.
  11. Mount a pot rack on the ceiling near your stove to hang pots and pans so they can be easily reached.
  12. Store your plastic containers and lids in a large dish pan under the sink.

I have implemented all these ideas and I am still looking for more. My cabinets are already looking much roomier. If you are like me, and live in a small apartment every new idea is appreciated.

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